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A holistic look at making in the South West, which presents the results of an open invitation to practitioners to be included in a large installation. A show within a show which aims to build a collective document.


This installation was curated and constructed by Sam Bassett. Each object was subject to dimensional constraints. My contribution was an object which represents my life past and present. The red painted body represents 3444 weeks of the past life I have had and the blue part represents 716 weeks  left until I am 80 years old. The past life is marked on the one side by deaths in my family and on the other by births in my family.

This was constructed as a symbol of mortality, fittingly exhibited in a former coffin store in Truro.

The Chinese character on the object was made for me by Qu Lei Lei  35 years ago and represents my surname and my interest in the sea. It is loosely translated as ‘Sea of Happiness’.

Qu Lei Lei is a dissident Chinese artist.