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Led by Keith Sparrow, a group of musicians and artists created a musical tribute to David Bowie in 2015 and presented the show at the Royal Polytechnic in Falmouth to critical acclaim.

Following Bowie’s death in 2016 they presented 3 more shows in Cornwall, at Falmouth, Truro and St Ives. The West Briton reviewed it as ‘the best musical event in Cornwall in 2016’.

The group also created ‘Art Decade’, an exhibition of contemporary art at The Old Bakery Studios in Truro inspired by Bowie’s music. I was invited to contribute to this exhibition.

My installation presented a 2m x 2m painting, based on one single frame from Bowie’s Valentine Day album. Projected onto this painting was his Lazarus video. The soundtrack was preceded by the sound of a longcase clock ticking over 30 seconds and followed by the sound of dripping water, fading to silence.

Bowie Lounge 2