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Royle Fifer (Built in 1953 by J N Miller at St Monans)

When I was asked if I would do a commission of a boat I said I don’t do commissions and I don’t do boats, and gave several good reasons for that.

As I reflected on this I became more interested in the boat and its history and current location, next to my studio, and asked to have a look around it.

I decided to do some research on where the boat was built, the history of the boat builders, the construction and collated reports of owners of the same class.

I also acquired a number of charts from the boat owner and wondered how I might use these in some relevant artwork, finally incorporating them as collage. Some sketches and an acrylic painting later and I was ready to paint a traditional watercolour of the boat, with Black Rock and Pendennis Castle in the background, both adjusted for artistic reasons.

I don’t do commissions