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This project was completed in 2011 as part of my MA interim Show.

Arwenack House is the building that housed the original Falmouth Art School founded in 1902. It has been used for that purpose ever since. In 2011 University College Falmouth decided to move out of Arwenack house. Our interim MA show would be the last exhibition by art students in that building.

Whilst preparing the space for my show I noticed that the wooden floor had, in some places up to 14 layers of paint created by art students. I excavated these layers of paint, removing them selectively to reveal a rich history of art student life over 110 years.

Most visitors to the exhibition viewed the paintings in my space unaware that they were standing on the main exhibit.

Paint on/paint off

Arwenack House

The part time MA students 2010 - 2012

Liam,Jorge,Ron,Geoff,Alex,David, Katri, Metaxia, Rein, Jo, and Lorraine.